Top 12 breakfast places in Amsterdam

Breakfast at Scandinavian Embassy (photo by Silvia Falcomer)
I am surprised that it took me so long to write this post, especially because I am a big fan of breakfasts and think that it is the most important meal of the day. Every weekend my boyfriend and I discover new  breakfast places in Amsterdam and here are some of our favorites so far!

Scandinavian Embassy

I really like it when great coffee places also serve breakfasts. Scandinavian Embassy is one of them. I am also happy to see porridge on the menu which you can’t find in many cafes in Amsterdam. Apart from the porridge, I love eggs with salmon on rye bread from Scandinavian Embassy – this salmon is divine, I swear! If you are a sweet tooth, make sure to also try their cinnamon bun, which brings back a lot of memories from visiting Scandinavian countries.

Bakers & Roasters

Bakers and Roasters is my favorite and one of the few places in Amsterdam where you can get a proper breakfast. You always know that the quality of the food is great, no matter what you order, which is not always the case in Amsterdam. I love their eggs Benedict, blueberry pancakes and carrot cake! Another great thing about B&R is that they also have really good coffee. I also love the design of the place, and with the extra space that they have recently created it is more likely that you won’t have to wait for the table in line.
 Gartine is an amazing breakfast place, which I recommend to all Amsterdam visitors and I even wrote a separate post about this wonderful place. You can find it here. Make sure to try their raspberry pancakes with pistachio, they are my favorite!
Before I visited this place I have heard different opinions about it. Luckily, when we went to have breakfast at the Breakfast Club, everything turned out perfect! I really love my pancakes with berries that are made with a special recipe of this café. They also serve coffee from Lot 61 Coffee Roasters, but I think it is better to have coffee at Lot 61 itself, especially because it is only a few steps away.
I was already in love with this place when I live in Utrecht. I always bought my bread there and loved to stay for breakfast or high tea. There are three locations in Amsterdam: in the Westerpark, in the Red light District and in the south of the city. My favorite thing at de Bakkerswinkel are their scones that are served with delicious jams and lemon curd.

De Wasserette

I have only been to this place once but am definitely coming back. I loved their poached eggs on a brioche bread! Wasserette is one of the first breakfast places to open in Amsterdam and has been there for quite a while. On a warm sunny day it is great to enjoy breakfast outside observing the busy life of the Pijp area.
T eten en drinken is the place where I used to go for lunch when I studied at the University of Amsterdam. This place is the one that has probably appeared the most times on my Instagram account because it is just so cute that every time I pass by I can’t help myself and take another photo of the colorful tables and chairs outside the café. Apart from great sandwiches and soups at lunch time, T also has nice things to have for breakfast and great desserts (especially the small almond cakes!) to have with your morning coffee/tea.

Roost is my favorite place in my neighbourhood. I have discovered this café not a long time ago but it is already in my top 5 places in Amsterdam. First, I have tried their coffee and sandwiches and both turned out to be great. Then, we came to Roost on the weekend to have breakfast and were really pleased again. I really liked their yogurt with granola, which was special.

G’s Really Nice Place

I love the concept of this place! You can start your morning with a cocktail and oysters or choose for a more traditional option of eggs, scones or french toast. The ambience of the place makes you feel like you are in someones living room which really adds to a nice experience.

I think everyone knows Greenwoods, even all the tourists in Amsterdam, but I still think it is a great place. What makes it so nice is the fact that they serve breakfast all day long, I love it! Once I really wanted to have eggs benedit at 5 o’clock and it was possible at Greenwoods. They also have great desserts, salads and sandwiches.

I think the name speaks for itself. Omelegg is all about eggs! Don’t want eggs? No problem, they also serve other things like yogurt with fruit and granola, croissants etc at Omelegg. But if you fancy eggs and especially omelets then this is a perfect place for you. There are plenty of different omelet types with various toppings. Just remember that the portions are very big! Not everyone can eat a 6-egg omelet!
Last summer we went to this place for dinner and it was really nice, but only recently we have discovered that it is also a great place to have breakfast. Even though both locations of this place are a little bit far from the city center, I think it is worth visiting. My favorite is definitely the ricotta pancakes with maple syrup, apple and bacon (if you like!). I forgot to mention : this place is Australian! – another reason to love it.
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