10 things to love about Amsterdam

1. Amsterdam is beautiful in any weather

Even though Amsterdam is known for its rain and constant weather changes, it doesn’t make me love it less. Amsterdam’s architecture and canals look as beautiful in the rain as on a sunny summer day. I love fall in Amsterdam (see my previous post) especially when it is not very cold yet and all the trees turn yellow. Amsterdam before Christmas also has a special charm especially because of the beautiful decorations and Christmas markets. 

Rainy Amsterdam

2. Amsterdam is a very dynamic city

Every time I cycle through the city, I notice a lot of new places around town. Every month a lot of new shops, restaurants and bars are open in different areas of Amsterdam and many historical monuments are being renovated. The city is constantly growing and evolving to be a perfect place to live in!

9 Streets District

3. Bicycles!

This is the first thing anyone notices after arriving in Amsterdam – bicycles everywhere! Bicycles in Amsterdam transfer everything: animals, kids, furniture! There are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam and it is so much more than just a means of transport. Because of the small amount of cars (compared to other places) it is so much easier to breathe in Amsterdam!

4. Weekend markets!

I love going to the market to get some fresh local food and Amsterdam has so much to offer for the market lovers! Some of my favorite markets are Noordermarkt, Nieuwemarkt and Albert Cuypmarkt. Also, every Sunday the Pure Markt takes place somewhere in Amsterdam (changes location every weekend). At Pure Markt you can try food from different countries and buy some of the best products from the local farmers.

Albert Cuyp Markt

5. Great coffee!

If you love good coffee then Amsterdam is the place to be! You can find some of the best coffee at Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters,  Espresso Fabriek, Il Momento, Bakers & Roasters, Head First Coffee Roasters and many others! A cup of coffee with some cake is the best thing to do on a rainy day in Amsterdam. 

Flat white at Espresso Fabriek

6. Beautiful canals

This might not sound very original, but this is probably one of the most amazing things about Amsterdam. I love it when cities are surrounded by water (river, lake, canals, sea) and Amsterdam with its numerous canals makes me so happy. It is also a great idea to see Amsterdam from the water and hire a boat – you will see it from a totally different perspective.


7. Amsterdam hosts a lot of different events

There is always something going on in Amsterdam, whether it is about food, music, art or other activities. You will never be bored in Amsterdam and will always find something interesting to do depending on your taste. Some of the current events taking place in Amsterdam can be found here.

8. Amsterdam is a very diverse and open city

Amsterdam is a city with a very big expat community. People from different countries all over the world come to Amsterdam to study, work and explore the city. Amsterdam welcomes people of different religions, beliefs and cultures and there is no discrimination which makes it very special.


9. Pancakes!

Even though this doesn’t apply only to Amsterdam, but all the Dutch cities, in Amsterdam you can find the best pancakes in the world – at Pancakes! Amsterdam . This place has received a lot of attention recently which makes it almost impossible to get a table there, but if you are lucky enough make sure to get one of the traditional (big) Dutch pancakes with different toppings.

Poffertjes at Pancakes! Amsterdam

10. Amsterdam is a city and a town at the same time

Compared to my hometown, Moscow Amsterdam is a very small city. It takes at most 30 minutes to get to any point of Amsterdam and almost every time you go out of your house you will run into someone you know. However, Amsterdam has so many areas and places to explore that you will never get tired of it. This is what I love so much about Amsterdam!

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