Dinner at the Danieli Bistro, Venice

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A few weeks ago my family and I visited one of my favorite cities in Europe – charming Venice. I just can’t get over how stunning this city is and even though the weather was quite cold and foggy, it made Venice look even more magical.

One of the things that added to the wonderful experience in Venice was our stay at the gorgeous Danieli hotel. It really felt like we walked into the movie set (no wonder they filmed some scenes of “The tourist” movie here!) when we arrived at the Danieli.


On our first night at the hotel we had dinner in one of the restaurants of the property – the Danieli bistro. The concept of the restaurant is all about serving the traditional Venetian cicchetti – exquisite local bite-size appetizers and pairing it with some beautiful Italian wine.

The Danieli bistro is located on the top floor of the hotel and offers its guests amazing views on the Lagoon and the beautiful Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore on the opposite side of the water. If you are planning to visit the bistro, make sure to book a table with the view in advance, it is so worth it!

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We wanted to try as many cicchettis as possible and went for the Marinated salmon tartare with mini-pancakes, quail eggs and truffle, vegetable focaccia with grilled octopus, buffalo mozzarella and tomato confit and the Cicchetto of the day which was the local speciality – the soft shell crab with polenta – my absolute favorite!

We also tried some of the main courses – the delicious sesame crusted falafel with pea and almond cream and the Gragnano linguine pasta – a great combination of Italian and asian cuisines.

Our dinner was finished with my favorite Italian dessert – the tiramisu ” Danieli”-style that was one of the best I have ever tried.

If you are looking for a place to have dinner in Venice and try some of the local dishes made from the freshest ingredients, I would definitely recommend the Danieli bistro (and of course, you can also check out the historical building of the hotel and its stunning views!).


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