Royal tea ceremony in Yogyakarta

During the Trip of Wonders throughout Indonesia one of our stops was the city of Yogyakarta which is located on the Java island. I was really excited to visit this city that is full of rich history and has lots to offer.

In Yogyakarta we stayed at the beautiful Royal Ambarrukmo hotel that used to once serve as Yogyakarta’s royal palace. This hotel is like a real museum where you can find an incredible collection of authentic architectural masterpieces and artworks such as the mosaics, reliefs and sculptures of the hotel.

During our stay at the Royal Ambarrukmo, we got to experience the Royal High Tea ceremony followed by the ancient archery class. I loved this experience! We gathered in the part of the hotel that used to be the royal palace and watched the beautiful performance of the tea ceremony. After we enjoyed the tea and some delicious treats, we changed into the traditional Javanese costumes to do archery. It was my first time ever and I found it really hard, especially while wearing the costumes and sitting on your knees 🙂

If you are ever in Yogyakarta (that is so worth the visit!) make sure to check out the historical hotel of Royal Ambarrukmo and its heritage.

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