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I love planning and as the year comes to an end I am already thinking about the goals for 2017. Last year, one of my ultimate goals was to keep up with my budget and see how much I am spending every month and this goal will definitely be transferred to the list of the goals for 2017! In 2016 I didn’t do the best job achieving this goal, but I definitely tried, at least for a few months 🙂 My husband and I even got a special white board where we used to write our monthly expenses, but as a few months passed we got a little bit lazy and stopped doing this.

I love writing things down in my notebooks, creating to-do lists, but when it comes to numbers, I would much rather use the technical gadgets, for example, when it comes to keeping up with the monthly budget planning. Luckily, now planning my expenses became much easier thanks to the new feature on the ING mobile app. I use this app basically every day for such things as transferring the money or sharing the bills with my friends and I couldn’t be happier with all the new features that have been recently added to the app.

The feature that helps me with my monthly budget planning is the Kijk Vooruit (Look Ahead) feature where you can easily see what future expenses you can expect every month (gas, electricity, house owner’s association fees etc). Basically, the app will see what kind of transfer you make every month and will show you what is forecasted for the next month. I find this incredibly useful and hope that my budget planning will get better with the help of this feature. To access the Kijk Vooruit feature, just click on Transactions button and then click on Look Ahead to see your planned expenses for the month. You can also read more about it here.

What are some useful tips you know to keep up with the budget?






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