Amsterdam Museums. Willet Holthuysen

The garden
Willet Holthuysen is one of my favorite museums in Amsterdam and I am very surprised that not so many people know about it. Situated on the Herengracht canal, this beautiful museum is a hidden gem. The house was inhabited by the rich Dutch family of Willets who loved traveling and art which makes their collection of art objects so special. One of the most beautiful parts of the museum is the backyard garden with a symmetrical layout, finely cut trees and bushes and various flowers. Another detail that caught my attention was the illuminated mirror hanging on the wall at the staircase to the first floor. All of the rooms of the house are decorated with beautiful furniture pieces brought from different countries of the world by the Willets. 
Totally worth visiting!

Dining room

Dining room


Beautiful flowers at conservatory
Dining room
The mirror
Men’s Parlour
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